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Great content is the key to engaging your customers, ranking higher on search engines and building your website authority. We provide expert copywriting services, always optimised for SEO. For copy that converts, you’ve come to the right place.

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Many people think that publishing content on a blog is all they need to do. Content strategy and expert copywriting go a lot further than that. The best content is always relevant to your target audience, engaging, informative and useful for the reader. More importantly, the very best copywriting is also optimised for SEO, based on keywords that are most likely to generate website traffic.

We offer a complete range of professional content services, including regular blogs, backlink articles, website content, and also email newsletters and other marketing material. Best of all, we combine our expert copywriting with an SEO strategy designed to grow your business.

Without a plan, writing copy is merely content for the sake of it. We ensure your copywriting delivers value for money and can be used across multiple platforms.


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Copywriting services for all industries

Every industry is different, and each business has a unique target audience. We put in the work to understand your target market and research your customers. That’s how we’re able to write professional content for absolutely any industry. To us, it doesn’t matter if you’re a multi-national corporation or a small start-up. All of our customers deserve expert copywriting, no matter what industry they operate in.

We’ll also work closely with you on developing a content strategy that pushes your message, as well as your desired products and services on the schedule that suits you.

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Content packages available

If you need regular content, then we’ve got some copywriting packages to suit all businesses and budgets. We offer a range of different services including blog posts, backlink articles, landing pages, website copy, press releases and much more.

Check out all of our packages here, but don’t forget that we can tailor any package to suit your needs. If you want more backlink articles and fewer regular blogs, no problem! If you’d like longer articles less frequently, that’s also fine. We keep our services flexible and adaptable to your needs. We can even change from month to month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do your services help my business?

Quality content is almost essential for a modern business. One of the best sources of new leads and customers is Google and other search engines. Because many people routinely skip the paid ads at the top of a Google search, we highly recommend you rank among the best organic results (the non-paid search results). It’s only with great keyword research and SEO friendly content that you can achieve higher rankings. So, better copywriting means better rankings and more customers.

Great copywriting is also necessary for everything else you do. Customer emails, newsletters, advertising – the better the copywriting, the better chance of capturing your audience’s attention.

How much does copywriting cost?

Copywriting costs can vary depending on what you need. We offer our professional copywriting at 20c per word but this is for one-off jobs. That’s why most of our customers prefer to use a monthly package that gives them a whole range of complementary services designed to grow their business. Plus, it’s better value overall.

What is SEO copywriting services?

SEO copywriting services are something we specialise in. SEO is relevant when producing most online content, but particularly blog articles and the written content across your website. It’s also relevant in product descriptions, and basically anything you want your customers to find through a search engine. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, so the copywriter needs to have an in-depth understanding of how this works, and the type of content Google wants to see in order to rank your website higher. This process works best when you’ve done significant research into the best keywords and searches to target with your content.

Do you write articles for backlinking?

We certainly do! Backlinking (or link building) is a crucial part of improving your website authority and online visibility. Websites with a lot of high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites are more successful in achieving strong Google search rankings. In fact, backlinks are considered one of the most important measures when it comes to great SEO.

Do your services include website copy?

They absolutely do. We can re-write your website to target specific keywords, and to make your messages clearer and more concise for customers. Many of our copywriting packages include a dedicated amount of website content fixes, and that’s exactly what this means. Re-writing the content on your pages to be more SEO friendly.

We can fix your whole site for a lump sum, but most people prefer a monthly package where pages are fixed gradually. Once all the pages, we can change your package to start producing high-converting SEO friendly landing pages.

Which industries do you write for?

All of them! There are no industries we can’t write for. Our expert copywriters have a wealth of experience writing for all sorts of industries. Research forms an integral part of the copywriting process, so if we’re not familiar with what your business does, we’ll soon learn!

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