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Get massive SEO gains with high-quality link building services. One of the most important things considered by Google when ranking websites is relevance and legitimacy in the online community. That’s why getting quality links from reputable sources can skyrocket your website’s ranking performance.

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One of the most important SEO activities you can undertake is building backlinks to your website. A backlink is when another website mentions yours, and provides a link. It might be to a certain blog article or a particular page on your website. When reputable websites that are already highly-regarded by Google give you a backlink, it automatically boosts your SEO.

Here at Content Solutions Australia, link building services form part of our business because we know the incredible benefit you can get from quality links. However, links from less-reputable websites can damage your SEO, which is why we’re very selective in the links we pursue. This means writing informative guest blogs on your behalf, to be published on legitimate websites.

We also work to remove negative backlinks each month, ensuring any website that links back to yours is of a high standard. Every month, we can work to have negative backlinks removed, giving your SEO an immediate boost.


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Boost your SEO with our link building services

Getting great SEO for your website involves a lot of different activities, such as keyword research, regular monthly content, and website content repairs. One of the most important activities, though, is link building. Google places a huge emphasis on link building when ranking your website for the keywords you target.

This is because when a reputable website with a strong domain authority mentions your website and links to it, Google knows that your website must be reputable, relevant and useful to readers. It sounds simple, but getting the right links isn’t always so easy. Let our professional team find the links that work best for you.

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Comprehensive backlink management

Our link building services involve a lot more than just writing guest blogs and submitting them to websites. That’s part of it, of course, but the other aspect is managing all of the links you currently have. Often, links expire, or you can even have less-reputable websites linking back to your page. This damages your SEO.

We analyse your backlinks on a monthly basis, ensuring all of your links are relevant and delivering you the maximum SEO benefit. If you’ve got negative backlinks, we’ll find them and work to have them removed at the source.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is link building and backlinking?

Link building and backlinking are essentially the same thing. Basically, it means getting other reputable websites to link back to your own. This is often done by providing them with guest blogs that include a link to a certain page on your website. You can also get backlinks through online directories and other sources, however we focus mainly on generating quality backlinks from good sources.

Put simply, when a website that’s already well-regarded by Google gives you a link, it makes you look good too. If less-reputable sites are linking to you, it can damage your SEO.

Our in-house team writes all of our backlink articles. We only employ native English speakers as content writers, because that’s what the market requires. Some agencies outsource written content work to overseas freelancers, and then edit it slightly to make it appear as though a native English speaker has written it. This rarely works, and in our experience, the quality of the article is very poor.

That’s why we only use our in-house team of professional copywriters for all backlink articles.

In very simple terms, backlinking is important because Google uses it to determine which websites are of high quality. When deciding where a website ranks for certain search terms, Google uses complex algorithms. This is why search engine optimisation (SEO) is so important. Search engines give considerable weight to backlinks in their ranking algorithm, and that’s why it’s crucial for businesses.

We research thoroughly to find quality backlink sites. There are plenty of dodgy ones out there, and even some that offer paid backlinks. Needless to say, we stay away from these, and we’ll never pursue backlinks from sources that don’t have a good reputation. Naturally, we also look for backlink sites that are relevant to your business.

They certainly do. Google’s algorithms are complex, but they do put a lot of emphasis on backlinks. It makes sense, because if they’ve already determined a website is high-quality (meaning, it has good SEO and a strong domain authority), then any website they link back to must also be relevant to readers.

Absolutely! We’re extremely flexible with our content marketing packages, and can mix things up from month to month if that’s what you want. Rather than two blogs for your own website, we could substitute for one backlink opportunity.

Please note that backlinks can take some time to come into effect, meaning you may not get immediate benefits. Remember, SEO in general is a long-term approach.

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If you need link building services that not only give you great new links but remove negative ones, we’d love to hear from you. Our monthly content and SEO packages include backlinks, and we’re completely flexible in how we work for you. Contact our team today and chat about your needs!