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Small Business Marketing Packages

Need small business marketing services? How about something a little bigger? We provide SEO and content marketing packages and tailored solutions to suit businesses of all sizes.

Professional Small Business Marketing

Whether you’re a small business looking to improve your website’s SEO, or a larger company looking to target a new audience, we’re here to help. Our content marketing services are completely flexible, tailored to your needs, and suitable for any budget.

Best of all, you get a dedicated account manager to deal with. No back and forth with different staff members – rather one easy point of contact. All of our work is done in-house too, meaning we won’t outsource your work overseas as some agencies do. It’s important to us that you get real value, and that means only working with our in-house, native English-speaking writers.

We love small business marketing, because we get a kick out of seeing you achieve milestones and grow. If you want a professional service that delivers long-lasting value, we’d love to hear from you.


Get Started

A package focused on finding the right keywords, and delivering consistent, engaging SEO optimised content. Flexible to include more or fewer blogs depending on your needs.
4 blogs per month?
Keyword research
Competitor analysis
4 social media posts?
Monthly tracking and reporting
More focused on targeting your competitors and outranking them. Flexible to include more or fewer blogs depending on your needs. We can even swap some blogs for backlink articles.
4 blogs per month?
Keyword research
Competitor analysis
4 social media posts?
Monthly tracking and reporting
1 backlink article per month
A full package to supercharge your online presence fast and effectively. Includes more page optimisations per month and is extremely flexible month by month.
4 blogs per month?
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
4 social media posts?
Monthly tracking and reporting
Website audit
Website page improvements?
Content management?
Monthly email newsletter
You provide keywords, article titles etc.
4 blogs per month?
A one-off service to get your website content up to speed, including technical and on-page fixes.
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
Website Audit
Website page improvements?

Packages are per month, no minimum contract term. Excludes the “Get Started” package, which is a once off fee.

If you’re a digital marketing agency, website development company or SEO agency, we’ve got some content packages for you. Find out more here.


Small business marketing packages to suit your goals

The most important thing to consider when choosing a small business marketing package is your goals. That’s why we offer to customise a package depending on your needs, because we want to ensure our services are aligned with your goals.

We’re also honest about what we can and can’t do. If you get in touch and want to get a huge increase in customers quickly without worrying about long-term results, we may suggest another form of marketing. Ultimately, we’re here for your needs.

Let's do this!

SEO services for every budget

Don’t have a big marketing budget to compete with the multi-nationals? That’s ok! We keep our packages affordable so that small businesses can still access quality content marketing services without breaking the budget.

With a smaller budget, you may not be outranking the massive players, but we can definitely find opportunities for you to rank well and increase your monthly organic traffic. We can tailor a package according to your budget, so talk to us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of package do I need?

Ultimately, this all depends on your business goals. Some clients want fast results, so they choose a package with lots of monthly activity. If your budget is a bit smaller though, there are plenty of packages to suit your needs. While results may take slightly longer, a smaller package is still beneficial to lay the foundations of great SEO.

If you’re mainly interested in monthly content, a good place to start is with a basic package, and simply add more blogs if you want to ramp things up!

This question is a little more difficult to answer, because the cost should be looked at in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). SEO and monthly content marketing are long-term propositions, so you may not get an instant influx of new clients. However, the benefits are long-lasting and will keep delivering results for years to come.

Many businesses look at their average sales when determining the value of marketing. For example, if your average client gives you a profit of $2000, and your marketing efforts deliver one new customer a month, any cost less than $2000 puts you in front!

Our packages are extremely flexible. The ones listed on this page are merely examples based on what many clients choose. However, we’re completely flexible with the packages. You can add or remove blogs, swap services around, and you can even make these types of changes month-by-month if your priorities change.

We don’t deal in paid advertising. This is because it costs extra money, and we prefer to operate on a system where you pay a certain amount each month and always know your budget. If we added paid advertising into the equation, a portion of your monthly budget is eaten up with paid ads, and that means less content marketing we can do for you.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. What we can guarantee is that your site and content will be optimised for search engines, based on targeted keywords that we’ve researched extensively. We would expect to see your rankings on Google improve, but it’s important to remember that this doesn’t happen overnight. Results also depend on your competitors – for example, if you want to rank for a keyword that Amazon currently ranks position 1 for, there’s no guarantee we can outrank them. In most cases, this comes down to budget, because Amazon has enormous marketing spend, and often, our clients don’t.

What we can guarantee is that we’ll do everything in our power to increase organic traffic to your website, and we’ll even offer free advice on how to convert more of that traffic into sales.

We don’t ask you to sign up for any ongoing monthly contracts. You can stop your service at any time. If you want to pause for a few months and pick up where you left off, that’s totally fine! We do recommend sticking with it for at least 6 months to start seeing good results and improved rankings, but the choice is totally yours!


Contact us today and find out how we use content marketing to drive more website traffic and boost your sales.