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Maximising your website’s content for SEO is one of the most important investments you can make as a business. That’s why you need a content creation agency. We provide written website content that engages readers. In our world, content is king.

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When you first built your website, what was the plan you followed? Did you just need a simple website so that customers could find you online? This is how most businesses approach their first website. But over time, their old website is no longer fit for purpose.

To rank well on Google today, your website needs to be optimised in many different ways for SEO. Technical, off-page, on-page, but most importantly, you need great content developed. As a professional content marketing agency, that’s exactly what we provide.

We can update your website’s written content to ensure you’ve got the best chance of ranking well on search engines. You’ll also attract more traffic and leads that you can turn into sales. With well-researched, SEO-based website content, we help your business grow.



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Reach the right audience

Ranking well on Google is pointless if you’re not ranking for the right types of search terms. By understanding your audience, we’re always creating content they’re looking for. Our digital marketing experts know what works.

With extensive keyword research and competitor analysis, we determine the ideal searches to target. Then we build your website content around this data. This leads to better quality leads and more chance of conversions.

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Build your website’s authority

The old days of stuffing keywords into your website for rankings is long gone. Google now focuses on your overall domain authority when determining whether you should rank well. Also whether you earn rich snippets and gain search engine result page features. To build your website’s authority, you need high-quality content that your audience wants to read.

We  understand your business and build a content strategy around your particular business goals. Whether it’s increasing traffic, generating more leads or something else, we’ve got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a content creation agency?

The best reason to engage a content marketing agency is to help improve your website’s chance of ranking well on search engines like Google. A team of SEO experts like Content Solutions Australia can write or re-write your website’s content with a focus on SEO. This puts you in a great place to grow your online presence and attract more organic traffic from search engines.

All of your content is written by our in-house team. We don’t outsource any of your written content overseas like some other agencies do. Our professional content creators are highly-experienced, and importantly, native English speakers. We feel this is incredibly important, especially in the Australian market. An understanding of local language is paramount when trying to connect with an audience.

We’re a small team, but we’ve had plenty of experience writing all types of web content. Best of all, you’ll also only have one point of contact when dealing with us at Content Solutions Australia. Your account manager liaises with writers on your behalf. No signing up to project management tools and dealing with multiple staff members. Just one easy point of contact.

Nope! We do plenty! Of course, we also handle all aspects of keyword research, competitor analysis, content marketing strategy and more. From email marketing to social media marketing, we’ve got you covered. We also have a network of external providers we can work with on your behalf if you’d like more visual content such as images or video. In some instances, we may seek external assistance if needing to create complex infographics or other media to include in blogs. We’re also happy to engage with other professionals of your choice, such as website developers and graphic designers.

Our content topics for blogs are selected based on what we think your audience wants to read. We certainly don’t just guess, though. Our comprehensive keyword and SEO research informs all of the topics we write about. Ideally, we’re trying to deliver valuable information to your audience. All while staying SEO-friendly to please Google and also increase your overall domain authority.

We certainly hope so!! We build your website content creation strategy based upon intensive research and competitor analysis. This means we’re targeting certain keywords with all of the content we produce for your website. Whether it’s permanent web pages or ongoing blogs. Our goal is to build your website’s authority so that you can regularly rank higher for the keywords that deliver the right customers to your website.

Absolutely! We have a number of set monthly packages that you can access, however we’re extremely flexible. We can tailor monthly packages to your specifications, and we can even swap out certain activities month by month if we believe you may benefit from a different approach. For example, reducing the number of monthly blogs for a period and focussing more on landing pages. Any changes to packages are always made in consultation, and you have the final say over how we work for you!

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