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Not attracting enough organic traffic? Targeting the wrong types of customers? We’re here to help. Our content marketing agency and SEO services help grow your business, attract more leads, and generate more income.

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We understand that many businesses struggle to keep up with providing engaging content for their audience. Continually producing content without the right research, keywords and strategy behind it is often a waste of your time and money. We take both of those tasks off your hands.

Our team researches keywords, and importantly, your competitors, to develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy. We provide a range of services, including monthly blogs, website content creation, landing pages. Also technical and off-page SEO fixes to improve your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so important in the modern business world, and we make sure you don’t get left behind. For great SEO and content marketing at affordable rates, you’ve come to the right place.

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Your tailored content marketing agency

Here at Content Solutions Australia, we’re all about you. Choose from some great standard packages to get your content marketing started. Also, we can tailor a monthly package just for you. Every business has different goals, both short and long-term. We work to understand those goals and tailor what we do accordingly.

By staying flexible, we’re in the best position to customise your content marketing strategy according to your needs. You can start small and grow, or you can jump right in for faster results. The choice is yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a content marketing agency do?

We use well-researched, data-driven strategy to market your business using content. Many agencies are great at coming up with a strategy or finding some keywords for you to target, but then they outsource the content writing (for very mixed results!). At Content Solutions Australia, we’re copywriters and experts in content marketing, meaning you get the best of both worlds, and all of our work is completed in-house.


From b2b marketing to social media marketing, we provide a full service. Need case studies? We’ve got you. Email marketing? No problem. Our job is using content to boost your online presence.

Unfortunately, there’s no secret formula for choosing an agency to help your business. Often, budget is the primary concern for a company, and that’s why we try to keep our prices competitive. By not getting involved in paid marketing campaigns (which cost you more money), we don’t classify ourselves as a full digital marketing company. That’s how we keep our prices lower, by focusing on solid strategy and quality content.

Ultimately, it’s all about where you see yourself getting the best Return on Investment (ROI). Some agencies charge enormous monthly fees, but if they’re great at what they do, you make that money back in new customers. Some extremely cheap agencies don’t offer much value at all, meaning it might be cheap, but without results, you’re wasting your money.

A marketing agency such as Content Solutions Australia can help you rank higher on Google, reach your audience with engaging content, and establish yourself as an industry thought leader. All of these things can attract more customers, more sales and more revenue.

We certainly hope so! When we talk about ranking higher on Google, we take a very targeted approach depending on your budget. Early on, most businesses know they can’t compete for Google rankings with giant multi-national corporations. So, we research and find the keywords that deliver solid monthly traffic, without pitting you against competitors you can’t beat.

Often, it takes a little time to improve rankings, but with a comprehensive content marketing strategy, we expect to see continuous improvement.

They absolutely do. The fact is, good SEO is forever. Whether it’s the technical SEO in the back-end of your website or the content you release regularly on your blog. Every piece of engaging, relevant and informative content we produce is designed to provide a long-term benefit. In some instances, we’ll aim for certain pages or blogs to rank well for particular keywords, but the main goal is to improve your website’s overall authority through quality content. Over time, Google and other search engines recognise that your website provides great content, and therefore, rankings improve.

Clients on our monthly packages also benefit from constant monitoring against your competitors, so that we can counter any efforts they make to leapfrog you in the rankings.

As mentioned above, there are certain aspects of digital marketing that we don’t get involved in. Paid advertising is one. While this can be beneficial, we prefer to look at long-term solutions. Social media is another. While we can assist with posting some content for you, we often find that most businesses do much better on social media by simply sharing regularly and engaging with customers in their own voice.

Our focus is on improving your website’s SEO, planning and producing high-quality content that delivers results well into the future.

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If you want to boost your Google rankings, generate more leads and start making more money, contact us today. We offer affordable content marketing services with no additional expenses such as pay-per-click advertising. Our experts would love to hear from you today.

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